Saturday, April 30, 2011

1963 Fleer football Len Dawson

Here is Hall of Famer Len Dawson's 1963 Fleer
Rookie Card--this particular one, available (at
this writing) in our ebay store, is a psa 6.

Want to see more 1963 Fleer Football? Here's a
great site:
Football Card Gallery

Saturday, April 23, 2011

1933 Goudey--Babe Ruth

Old cards are my favorites; they're like tiny time
capsules, and I really enjoy knowing what was going
on in the world at the time the cards were made.
This 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth, number 144, is a psa 1,
but what tales could it tell?

Here's a great site for viewing more 1933 Goudeys:
The Virtual Card Collection

And here you can learn more about this Goudey set:

1933 Goudey R319: A Closer Look . . .

Saturday, April 16, 2011

1986 Fleer Michael Jordan

What can we say? It's a classic. Want to read
more about this set? Check out:
Historic Sets: 1986-87 Fleer Basketball

This particular Michael Jordan card is a NM-MT
psa 8, and is currently available to you in our
ebay store--check out the linky in the sidebar.