Friday, November 11, 2011

Eric Hosmer rookie card. The real one?

Okay, there are somewhere around fifty "first" cards
for Eric Hosmer from various companies, but here is what
most people consider the official Eric Hosmer rookie
card--heck, it even has "RC" on it, so that must mean
it's for real, right?

This is a good looking card, the Topps Chrome. It's a fine
photo, and the sheen of the chrome printing gives is a slight
3D effect.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Mike Moustakas

At The National Sports Collector Convention held in
Chicago this year, Topps was giving away special Heritage
cards everyday, a limited run stamped 1-299. The only
"catch" was you had to open five packs of any Topps product,
and be one of the first 299 in line, to get said cards.

The youngest son and I were always early to the show, so
no problem with the lines--with a table set up, we had to
be there bright and early anyway, right? So, how did we
end up with 212/299???